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Naturally Yours Oil Complex

Naturally Yours Massage Oil complexes are uniquely formulated to help you unwind and heal therapeutically, mentally, emotionally and physically. They contain no Parabens, SLE's or SLS's and are

100% Natural

A unique blend of both carrier oils and essential oils designed to target specific requirements. Use it in a massage treatment, as a body oil or an addition to a relaxing bath. 

Naturally Yours Relax Complex contains 12 oils that contain both antioxidants and soothing properties scientifically. Use this oil after a stressful day to help your body unwind and relax or everyday to keep your skin nourished and healthy.

Additionally, we stock Grapeseed oil and Sweet Almond oil of the purest grade. These oils offer many health benefits and are perfect to use for  massages. 

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"A good massage oil is like indulging yourself to a special treat without the guilt."


"Take Yourself to a better place."

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Product Reviews and Articles

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