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Alginate masks contain a compound obtained from marine algae & calcium sulfate. When mixed with water these two compounds form a hydrocolloid gel, allowing the slow migration of active ingredients into skin.

These masks complement all skincare regimes. They create a covering that encourages ingredient penetration from prior product applications. Although not necessary the use of a treatment serum is beneficial. Alginate masks are natural beauty treatments that provide fast and impressive results, erasing fine wrinkles, tightening and firming the skin, increasing its elasticity, leaving it fresh, supple and radiant.
Because alginate masks have a high water content, they quickly restore skin hydration, which in turn results in a remarkable improvement of the skin’s appearance. At the same time, algin allows easy oxygen exchange and helps absorb and remove toxins from the skin surface. In addition, each mask has specifically selected active ingredients to treat individual skin needs.

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