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Elastique Hypo-allergenic Brazilian Waxes

The new frontier of epilation is the Elastique method.
Innovative and dermatologically tested formulas give life to a new line, completely hypoallergenic, created considering the characteristics of all skin types.
Its extremely effective action with a flexible and soft texture, combined with the accompanying pre and post range ensures an almost painless treatment.

View the full Elastique Hypoallergenic brochure here...
and continue reading to find out the products we have
brought into South Africa.



Elastique Hypoallergenic Film Wax 

Enriched with pomegranate oil known for it's anti-inflammatory, regenerating and soothing properties. It's great elasticity

is ideal for epilating in areas where hair is stronger.

Designed to have a paper thin application and strong grip, completely removing the hair follicle. 

Elastique Hypoallergenic Film Wax 
Ginger & Macadamia 

Enriched with Ginger extract and Macadamia oil, known for their anti-inflammatory, nourishing and regenerating properties.

An ideal product to give the skin moisture and softness, perfect for delicate areas.

Made with a quick-drying formula, this wax allows you to work quickly while still giving a perfect result.


Elastique Hypoallergenic Film Wax
Rice Cream 

The queen of its category!  

Made with a super soft formula it is therefore ideal for the most sensitive skin, guaranteeing at the same time a very effective tear, extra long spreads, and a super delicacy.

Zinc oxide embellishes the formulation with its calming and anti-inflammatory

Designed for paper thin applications, with great elasticity allowing for long patches with a multi-directional removal...


Wondering why we love it so and see how effective it is even on tough hair.

Elastique Hypo-allergenic     Body-Pro Formulations

A line of products with the complete professional quality of ELASTIQUE, focusing on skin health.  Designed for maximum performance before and after epilation. 

Elastique blends are enriched with effective yet delicate natural ingredients
and can be used on any type of skin, including the most sensitive.


Pre-Wax Mousse Lotion 
Macadamia, Rice & Pomegranate

The Pre-Waxing Delicate Mousse Lotion Enriched with Macadamia*, Rice* and Pomegranate (*From organic farming) is a beautiful lightweight pre-cleanser with a soft fragrance. The mousse action ensures very low product usage per treatment, while effectively cleansing the skin.  


Soothing Post-Wax Milk 
Rice Oil, Rice Starch & Shea Oil

The Soothing & Nourishing Post-Waxing Milk with Rice Oil, Rice Starch and Shea Oil leaves the skin soothed, soft, and aglow.

Pre-Wax Powder
Elderberry & Zinc Oxide

The unique Pre-Waxing powder Enriched with Elderberry Extract giving it a pink hue and Zinc Oxide exceptionally enhances the removal of hair, resulting in a virtually painless treatment.

scatola-elastique-manopole cmyk.png

Pre-Wax Mittens 

Innovative Single use non-woven Mittens for application of the Pre-Wax Cleansing Mousse. 

Simple, Hygienic and Professional

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