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Tried and tested for decades by therapists all over the world.

The most conventional of all waxes. Decades of use in the widest range of applications makes this a tried and tested, truly effective hair removal procedure.....


..but why stay with the old when you can use the newer, better, easier and more pliable Elastique Film wax .


Neither a hot wax or a liposoluble strip wax, Elastique film wax is used without strips. It is particularly recommended for hair removal from the delicate areas.

We offer a variety of film waxes to choose from to suite every need.




The original Elastique Film wax guarantees excellent results on all skin types and all hair types. It is excellent on the whole body and particularly for stubborn hairs in sensitive areas. 

  • Quick

  • Easy

  • Fast drying

  • Efficient

Available in 400ml, 800ml and 500g

Aloe Vera Film Wax Bucket NBG.png



An innovative product affordable for all. Holiday Depilatori Brazilian Film Wax with Aloe Vera is an excellent film wax for removal of the most stubborn hairs on the face, underarms and bikini area. With the benefits of Aloe Vera extract to help soothe, nourish and heal the skin. 

  • Fast Drying & Melting time

  • Easy Application & Removal

  • Beautiful Fragrance

  • Low temperature

Available in 1kg buckets


White Elastique beads.PNG

Elastique White Film wax is Colophonium free with added Shea butter. It is a highly moisturizing wax that is perfect for those who have allergies to regular wax. This makes it incredibly soft on sensitive skin and leaves the skin nourished. Perfect for finer and lighter hairs.

Available in 500g pack of beads.


Black wax flyer.PNG

Elastique BLACK WAX is a

Colophonium Free special blend of plant resins enriched with beeswax and Shea Butter. The ultimate moisturizing film wax for sensitive skin. Heating at a very low temperature, causing less trauma to the skin. 

Available in 500g pack of beads.

Black Elastique beads.PNG


Elastique Hypoallegenic - Rice Cream Film Wax

A super soft formula perfect for the softest of skin yet still maintaining a strong grip. With added Zinc Oxide to reduce reddening and calm your skin.   

Elastique Rice Cream.JPG

Elastique Hypoallergenic - Macadamia & Ginger Film Wax 

Made with a quick drying formula, ideal for fast performance even on delicate areas. Macadamia Oil and Ginger extracts gives a benefit of calming and regenerating the skin. This formula grips ALL hair, even the finest to most course of short hairs.

It gives perfect results each time. 

Elastique Macadamia Nut - Copy - Copy.JP

Elastique Hypoallergenic - Pomegranate Film Wax 

Pomegranate Oil is famed for its antioxidant and regenerating effects making this an elite wax that perfectly respects the skin. It's elasticity makes it perfect for those areas where a stronger grip is needed. It's shimmer and stunning smell when heated will have all in the salon smiling. 

Elastique Pomegranate - Copy - Copy.JPG


Elastique EXTRA Blue with Azulene extracts.

Extra strength film wax with a low working temperature and strong grip. Perfect for short and tough hairs with a quick drying time. 

With the added benefits of Azulene extracts to soothe your skin. 

Available in 500g pack of beads.

Elastique Blue Wax - Copy - Copy.jpg
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