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Our coconut wax is going to have you your clients asking for a Pina Colada with their treatment because of its fresh tropical fragrance. And that’s not all; it’s so soft on the skin while maintaining its firm grip on hairs. The soft fruits wax, just screams summer and sunshine. It’s perfect for all skin types and the solid colour definitely demarcates where you’ve applied it, so no double applications. The only thing this wax is going to leave behind is the smell of a tropical island and silky smooth skin. 
The Almonds Milk wax is a top class act and is formulated with natural plant resins. This wax is characterised by the nourishing and enriching properties of almond oil. 
Finally, the Pearl wax: attractiveness and efficiency in one formulation. This wax has a beautiful pearly shimmer and comprises of plant based resins. Its decisive action against unwanted hair and easy thin application, means pretty and tough can come in one package.

Paisley Tropical Kit

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