Holiday Depilatori is known for their top quality waxes.

There are over 50 different strip waxes with a wide variety of delicate fragrances. 

With a choice of either clear gel, opaque & creamy or hypoallergenic waxes. In addition natural plant extracts with beneficial properties have been included in some of these waxes to give your skin the best care.

T3 & Perfetta Strip Wax

T3 strip wax suites all skin types and is an effective wax against even the hardest to remove hairs. 

Perfetta strip wax is a refined formula that incorporates the most prized technically advanced natural resins. This wax is easy to apply because it contains Titanium Dioxide. It has a delicate yet firm grip when pulled: it is simply "Perfect"!

T3 Natural (Medium).jpg
T3 Pink (Medium).jpg
Perfetta Blue (Medium).jpg
Perfetta Pink (Medium).jpg
Perfetta Natural (Medium).jpg