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Wax Heaters

heater4a (Medium).PNG

S4 Roller heater 

Heater1a (Medium).PNG

Mini Heater 400ml 

heater2a (Medium).PNG

Etna Heater 

400ml & 800ml

heater3a (Medium).PNG

Amiata 800ml with 2 x 100ml's

These non-woven fabric lines of depilation strips are outstanding value for money. They have a delicate feel and are a unique thickness. They equate to the highest quality fabrics and are always consistent for the best results. Allowing you to use one strip many times for optimal use.

They come in a 70m roll, strips of 100's and 50's.

Delicato (Medium)single.png

Wax Strips

SS spatulas (Medium).PNG

Stainless Steel Spatulas

Stainless Steel waxing spatula's have good handling and make application easier. They can be used for years making them more cost effective.

These spatulas come in different shapes making them suited for difficult areas. 

Equipment Cleanser

A 100% blend of derma-compatible products, which guarantee the removal of traces of liposoluble wax without any damage to equipment and without harming the epidermal layer of skin on your hands.

This cleanser requires just a small amount to give a beautiful clean to wax pots, tins and equipment.

Equipment cleanser (Medium).jpg

Waxing Accessories

Metal Can (Medium).jpg

Empty Can 800ml & 400ml

Wax Collars (Medium).jpg

Wax Collars 100's

Metal Can holder (Medium).jpg

Metal can Holder

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