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Pre and Post Depilation care is very important to ensure a beautiful and long lasting wax.

It is also more hygienic and results in a smoother finish as well soothing the skin thereby reducing inflammation and possible ingrown hairs.


Additionally, hair inhibitors help to decrease the regrowth rate and intensity of the hairs, leaving a smoother finish for longer and with more permanent results.

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Pre-Depilation Cleanser 

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An essential for a perfect wax treatment! 

This gentle pre-wax cleanser contains fruit acids. These fruit extracts give it a delicate PH balance which ensures that the hair removal products adhere better to the skin. 

In addition the skin is cleansed of residue that might lead to inflammation after the wax.


Finally the cleanser ensures that the hairs do not stick to the skin resulting in a smoother finish after waxing. 

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